Dutch gov’t looking for a way out of the European Union?

Hegemony is getting a rough ride these days.  As a short post at HuffPo says, the Dutch cabinet thinks there should be a way for countries to opt-out.  Secession isn’t covered in several of the treaties that govern over there though.  (Hmmm.  That sounds familiar.)  There are a lot of folks in Britain, too, who don’t want to be in the EU anymore, if they ever did.

I honestly have no idea whether or not the EU has been a boon to Europe, or not.  I don’t live there, and it isn’t my business, anyway, to tell folks in other countries how they ought to run things.  In the U.S., though, The Honest Answer believes that we definitely don’t want European socialism to spread over here.  Obama and minions love that sort of thing, though, and this page will fight them with every breath.

If you are in the mood to see the EU get lectured on how to get the heck out of the way of good business, check out the video below.  The 2011 EU Innovation Convention asked Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair) to speak to them.  Mr. O’Leary had some rather pithy remarks for the EU leaders who were present.  I hope you enjoy, ’cause I know I did.