Education Monday: Snowflake Edition

Since it’s Monday, and I know y’all are all fired up, energetic, and ready to face the week ahead, I thought we’d start things off with a couple of educational videos to help Generation Snowflake navigate the modern world.  I’m embedding a couple of videos, because that’s what I do; I HELP Snowflakes.

Generation Snowflake seems to be having a little trouble with the Middle East, being all confused about exactly who the aggressor is in Israel.  David Brog of the Maccabee Task Force joins with Prager University to help explain why there is no Palestinian state.

Microaggressions plague Generation Snowflake like…well, the Plague.  Dave Menzies of Rebel Media uses the Three Stooges to illustrate how to deal with those pesky microaggressions.

Well, I hope y’all feel educated now.  Enjoy your Monday!