EPA in Secret Meetings with Environmental Activist Groups Pushing New Regs

I doubt very seriously if this post is going to shock any of our regular readers.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on the collusion, in secret, of officials in the EPA with environmental activist groups to craft and promote the very rules that President Obama announced recently.  Apparently, this has been going on for some time.  From the Free Beacon article:

According to the report, EPA officials routinely corresponded via email with NRDC leaders with whom they also held meetings away from government property, thereby evading transparency requirements, since the start of the rule making process for the power plant regulations in March 2011.

In fact, a meeting was scheduled between NRDC officials and now-administrator of the EPA Gina McCarthy, then assistant administrator for the agency’s Office of Air and Radiation, a mere eight days after the power plant regulation development process began. The rendezvous appeared to be in response to a request from David Doniger, NRDC senior attorney and a former Clinton administration official, to whom McCarthy once promised over email she would “never say no to a meeting.”

Need we say that this is wrong?  This is going to open up the possibility of lawsuits from the states, and even private citizens to sue the EPA.  I hope they are tied up in court for years, personally.  This is another time for y’all to get on the phone, and on your emails to your elected representatives, and demand that Congress hold the EPA Director, Gina McCarthy, and the President accountable for wrecking our economy.   I’m just sayin’.