EPA Makes Grab for Your Ditches and Puddles


You peasants thought you owned your property, didn’t you?  Oh, it is to laugh.

Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator, of course, denies that the EPA is making a power grab in the latest expansion of the Clean Water Act, reported on by the Washington Times.  From the WT post:

Known as the Waters of the United States rule — which opponents have derisively shortened to WOTUS — the proposal would give the Environmental Protection Agency a say in land use decisions wherever it deems those moves could affect important waterways. Wednesday’s move defined those waterways broadly, in a way critics said would extend to every ditch and pond in the country.

Not a power grab, though, says McCarthy.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy denied the rule was a power grab, saying it was intended to sort of (sic) a legal morass left by court decisions over the last few decades, that had left in doubt what waters are affected by the Clean Water Act.

She said they heard complaints about a draft proposal issued last year, and worked to narrow their definitions. She said “most ditches” won’t be covered by the expanded regulations, nor would groundwater.

“Most ditches” won’t be covered under the expansion, right, but that means that some ditches(!!!) will be regarded as “protected” waterways.

EPA would have the ability to control land use essentially in every square foot of the United States, which means if they didn’t want you to build something — a school a hospital, an athletic field — in a particular place, they could prevent it,” said Michael McKenna, a GOP energy lobbyist who has been trying to rally opposition to the rule.