Eric Holder’s Nastygram from the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General today sent a rather lengthy memo to Eric Holder, and after only reading roughly half of it, I can tell that Holder is in hot water with the IG.  I’m going to finish reading the memo, but I wanted to get this out to y’all in a hurry.

If you don’t want to read the whole memo, (and why would y’all really want to?) go to PJ Media and read this excellent post by J. Christian Adams.  While y’all are over on the PJ Media site, read up on Mr. Adams’ bio.  You’ll find that J. Christian Adams is singularly qualified to discuss Holder’s DOJ.

From Adams’ PJ Media article:

PJ Media reported years ago that the Obama administration brings lawsuits attacking voter ID but brazenly refuses to enforce other voting laws, such as Section 8 of the National Voting Registration Act — which requires states to maintain clean voting rolls. This policy was announced in my presence when I was at the DOJ by then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes. (She now works for George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, doling out his billions to leftist groups to further undermine election integrity.)

Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina have felt the full weight of DOJ attacks on election integrity measures in those states. In the years that we have been reporting on this cherry-picking policy, not a single case has been brought by DOJ to clean up voting rolls. Indeed, sources report that DOJ Voting Section Chief Chris Herren rushed out letters to states asking questions about corrupted rolls after our reports were published. But this was window dressing, disguising the real policy of inaction. Not one single case has been brought by DOJ since Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

A couple weeks ago, this page posted a story on Trey Gowdy questioning expert witnesses in a House inquiry into limits on Presidential authority.  In the video embedded in that post, Rep. Gowdy repeatedly mentions violations of election law.  I believe that the election-law violations referred to by Rep. Gowdy are the same items to which Mr. Adams refers in his post.


Unlike the IG memo to DOJ, I have read all of the PJ Media post; and I recommend that y’all do the same.  Mr. Adams has documented more than election-law violations in his article, showing Holder’s Injustice Department to be one of the most egregiously corrupt federal agencies in the history of federal agencies.