Figuring It Out Feb12


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Figuring It Out

As we sort of told y’all on Friday’s Honest Answer Radio Live Show, Marty and I have spent the last couple of months figuring some things out.  A new, fresh direction for the live show is one of the things.  We’ve picked out a direction, and that’s where the podcast is going.  There have been other things, too…

If a given year can have an over-arching theme, then 2018 will be a year for Honest Answer to get our house in order, on multiple levels.  On a very practical level; Marty, Tina, and I have a lot of work to do on our home and property.  On another level, our website house needs some attention, too; so 2018 will see some new things there.

For a couple of months, I tuned out all television news, newspapers, and social media sites; doing the bare minimum of activity on social media platforms.  My internet time has been spent mainly looking at cultural items such as this and this.  Yeah, the culture has some ISSUES, y’all.

There are some things that Honest Answer can do to help steer the Ship of Culture on a better, more hopeful course, and we will do those things.  One thing that I’m doing today is embedding a video from Joe Rogan’s podcast, where Rogan is having a conversation with Jordan Peterson.  (We mentioned Dr. Peterson on Friday’s show.)  Take a look at Rogan’s show.  To say that I highly recommend regular viewing of The Joe Rogan Experience is an understatement.  His is the only podcast that I watch from beginning to end, and, even after a three-hour-podcast, still want more.  That’s all I’m sayin’.