Finally! The Debates are Over.

I’m sure that most of y’all are sick and tired of the Donald and Hillary show which has been represented by three debates; as am I.  I think we are all glad that the end of the campaign season is drawing near, for good or ill.  I have to give a few thoughts on this thing; but I am reluctant.  I’m reluctant because I am fatigued by the constant scandals partisan bickering; the “gotcha” moments that each campaign is dishing.

I hate the current debate format; but I believe I’ve already said that.  I’ve also already said that I’m intending to vote for Trump, and no debate outcome would change my mind.  All of this is still true.  Even though I think that Trump looked pretty bad in the two previous debates, and much better in this last one, my perception of either main candidate has not changed a bit.  It would be great if, in the next four years, the media could find a better, more civilized format for showcasing candidate policy positions; but I ain’t holding my breath, folks.

I’m sure somebody is going to ask me who I think won the debates; the answer to that is that I think the corrupt, self-indulgent mainstream media won, because they got all our eyeballs watching their stupid analysis shows so that they and their sponsors could make bank.  Yup, we fell for it, y’all; hook, line, and stinky sinker.  Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC….they all made money, and the political pundits who are hired to cover the debates got to feed their insatiable desire for horse-race coverage.

We have to cut these folks off next time, y’all.  All of the outlets mentioned in the above paragraph are complicit in the degradation of the American political process.  All of them are partisans:  no exceptions.  I’m sick and tired of hearing the spin of all of the carefully-coifed talking heads; they each somehow manage to say that their preferred ideological representative won, regardless of how much the American people are losing through all of the commercialized posturing.  I think y’all know exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t have a good solution to offer at this time, but, Bubba, I’m definitely going to be thinking hard about a better debate format in the next four years.  Bank on it.

In the meantime, if you are interested in a more fresh-faced analysis of last night’s dog-and-pony show, Check out the embedded video of One America News Network’s show.  Although definitely slanted to the right, the panel in the video does a better job of summing-up than the others that I watched.