Finns Drop Depth Charges on Suspected Russian Submarine


I’m not saying that the riots in Baltimore aren’t worth attention, because they are; but while America points fingers and focuses like a laser on one of our major cities crumbling, the rest of the world is in motion.

According to this post in the Washington Times, Finland’s navy dropped hand-grenade sized depth charges on what they suspect was a Russian submarine in Finnish waters.  Putin and Russia have been quite busy of late, and Europe is concerned.  From the WT article:

The development comes amid months of claims by Western and Eastern European military officials that Russian fighter jets and navel vessels have increased the frequency of their surprise incursions into the airspace and waters of other nations. Moscow, in turn, has complained about what it says are Western provocations along its border, including expanded military supplies to Ukraine and joint military exercises with countries all along the border with Russia in recent months.

Remember back at the beginning of the month, when I posted this about Russia’s navy in the Arctic?  Is there anybody out there who doesn’t find Russia’s activity of late to be more than a little sinister?  I wonder why Putin could be feeling so bold?  Hmmmm.