First, They Came for Alex Jones…

…And then they came for Gab.  Let’s see what the leftists have to say about this.  From this post at a whack-job leftist website:

It’s impossible to discuss the anti-Semitic hatred of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers without discussing the technology that facilitated such vitriol. Shortly after news of the shooting broke, an account attributed to Bowers was found on Gab, a clone of Twitter that markets itself, under the guise of “standing up for free speech,” to people too bigoted even for Twitter to tolerate — a weirdly high (or low?) bar to clear.

Anyway, if you want a perfect example of how the far right is able to bring outsized levels of hatred into the mainstream, Gab’s response to the shooting is one. In an official statement on its now-suspended Medium account, Gab wrote, “We have nothing but love for all people and freedom. We have consistently disavowed all violence.” The statement also noted Gab’s cooperation with law enforcement regarding Bowers’s account.

The statement is strategically unobjectionable. Who could argue against love for all people and freedom of speech? Officially, Gab is an apolitical service committed to the principle of freedom of speech. Unofficially, it is a barely disguised haven for racists. (Gab’s stance regarding bigotry is that more speech is the solution — not unlike Twitter’s suggestion that journalists should just fact-check Alex Jones until he goes away.) On Twitter, Gab is being less diplomatic about the renewed attention to its platform. This weekend, their tweets bragged about the site receiving more than 1 million hits an hour in the wake of the shooting; insulted journalists criticizing the site; and celebrated the election of fascist Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil.

Yeah.  There’s more hatred in those three small paragraphs than I care to detail.  Y’all see it too, though, I’m sure.

Gab has allowed all kinds of speech on their platform, including mine.  Y’all want to know something that the left would consider a “dirty” secret?  When using Gab to promote this website, I followed back some of the white supremacists and jew-haters, among others.  Their conspiracy-driven vitriol cluttered up my news feed all the time; but I wanted to know who these people are for myself.  Gab allowed their hateful speech to be read by anyone who cared to see it.  I’m not positive of this, but I think the Pittsburgh shooter was on my list of followers, too.  I think y’all can understand that this guilt-by-association trend that the big tech giants are pursuing so avidly is regarded by myself and others as a very, very, bad thing.  I’m most definitely NOT a player of identity politics; white nationalist or otherwise; but it won’t be long before I’m lumped in with them by leftist cucks, just because I think everyone has a right to speak.

Andrew Torba, founder of Gab, has indeed said, in so many words, that the answer to speech that you don’t like is more speech.  Y’all can see in the above quote that leftists really hate for anyone that disagrees with them to have a right to speak.  At what point do they decide that people like Andrew Torba don’t have a right to exist?  By extension, since Honest Answer Radio will continue to promote our work on Gab (as soon as they are back online); at what point do the leftists decide that I have no right to be heard, or even exist?  I’m thinking that at least some of the left have already reached their conclusion; and if they had the power to do so, then I, Marty, Tina, and most of y’all would be stood against a wall in front of Das Kommisar’s Firing Squad of Peace.

The good news in all this is that Gab will be back online this weekend, or so says this article.  As soon as possible, I will contribute money to Gab, too.