Flash: Piers Morgan, European Protectionist Culture Flops in US

Facts Meme

Facts Meme

I’m sure it’s a sad day for all three of Piers Morgan’s viewers, but his show was cancelled by CNN.  Marty and I will be sad to see him go.  Okay, maybe not sad; maybe mildly bummed….okay, let’s be real.  Good riddance, Piers.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Here’s the Washington Times story.  Piers had this to say, from the WT post:

In an interview with David Carr of The New York TimesMr. Morgan acknowledged that his show had been doing poorly in the ratings, in part because he had turned off many American viewers on such matters as gun control, where he handled gun rights supporters with unconcealed contempt.

Geez, ya think?

Below, I’m posting a video from one of my favorite gun reviewers on YouTube.  I’m not sure exactly what words Mr. Yankee Marshal is using behind the bleeps and “censored” bar, but I’m sure I’d agree with every word.  Enjoy, y’all.  Oh, yeah…..there’s a little bit of language that ain’t censored, so if you are faint of heart, feel free to give the video a pass.  You’ve been warned.