Flashback Friday: Remember Fast and Furious? We do.


Every now and then, we at Honest Answer Radio like to remind ourselves of things from the past; things that tend to get buried over time.  The mainstream media wishes that a lot of things that have occurred under Barry’s watch would stay buried.  We aren’t in the mood to let them get away with that sort of thing, though.

I know y’all remember Fast and Furious, right?  Remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was killed by a gun that was allowed to “walk” across the Mexican border?  I’m sure Agent Terry’s family remembers all too well.

Just to make sure our collective memory is revived, I thought I’d post an old video, which covers the Fast and Furious scandal well; it’s also a great reminder of the complicity of the Obama Administration in the coverup.  Watch the video, and remember.