Formal Announcement; No More Teasing

Politics is downstream of culture.  That’s sort of a cliche’, but it’s also true.  We Conservatives lost the culture war back in the 1960’s, and have only taken up the fight again in the age of the internet.  New Media is where conservatives like Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin began taking the culture fight to the enemy, and some of our biggest victories have been won using a computer keyboard.

Today, I’m very proud to announce that The Honest Answer has teamed up with a great warrior for the Conservative movement.  If y’all hover your cursor over the Channels tab at the top of the page, you’ll see that we have added The Rod Eccles Show to our website.

Mr. Eccles’ tag line is “The coolest, most politically incorrect, Conservative black man on the planet”, and it fits.  Rod’s theme music is cool.  His voice is cool.  Rod Eccles makes patriotism look cool, and sound cool, and his Conservative message is definitely politically incorrect, and unapologetic.  Naturally, Marty and I warmed to The Rod Eccles Show immediately.  I have zero doubt that the same folks who like the Honest Answer live show will also like The Rod Eccles Show.   The Rod Eccles Show airs live Monday through Friday at 6 pm to 8 pm Central, 7 to 9 in the Eastern time zone.  I do believe that y’all can catch his show tonight, by clicking his show page under our Channels tab.

Here is Rod’s Bio:

Rod Eccles is the Host of The Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Rod
Eccles Show. He is The Coolest Most Politically Incorrect Conservative
Black Man on the Planet and he is being dubbed the new Black Rush
Limbaugh of our time. He is one of the leading voices in the
Conservative Movement.He just published his first book titled The
Conservative ECCLESiastes: Logic and Wisdom from the Coolest, Most
Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. This year
his show was added to the list of Top Talk Conservative Radio Show
Hosts on Top Currently, Rod is traveling around the country
making Key Note Speeches to Tea Party and Republican Organizations to
fire up the base for the 2016 elections.

I started this post talking about culture.  We all know that the Progressives have been in the driver’s seat in Hollywood and in the lamestream media, driving our American culture into the gutter.  It’s folks like Rod Eccles who are working hard to take the culture back, and show the Proglodytes that Conservative ideals are superior; that the culture of individual freedom and American Exceptionalism, is not dead.

In all candor, it’s not likely that Marty and I will be able to get on the air in the middle of the week anymore.  If and when we are able to do live shows in the future, we will most likely be doing it on the weekends.  We intend to give The Rod Eccles Show our support, and  I sincerely hope that y’all will support The Rod Eccles Show in the same way that you have supported the efforts of Marty and I.  I’ve listened to the broadcast, and I will be listening in the future, so I hope that y’all will do the same.

Rod Eccles

Rod Eccles