Friday Scattershots of Peace

So we’ve managed to make it until Friday; time for the usual Scattershots of stories from around the web.  From an obscure Code of Conduct noncontroversy to the Caravan of Peace…enjoy, y’all.

Y’all will love this:  It seems that a Code of Conduct that has served Benedictine monks well for several centuries isn’t good enough for SJW programmers.

Those crazy cats at NBC:

To make matters worse, we now know NBC News withheld crucial information that undermined the allegations made by Swetnick, the Avenatti client who accused a high school-aged Kavanaugh of spiking punch bowls at house parties so he and his buddies could engage in serial rapes.

And we know NBC deliberately withheld this crucial information because NBC is now admitting it had this information all the way back on September 30.

We knew before this that radical feminists are a little crazy; and we knew that Sinead O’Connor was one of the crazier ones.  We just didn’t know exactly how crazy, until this story broke.

Claire McCaskill just. Can’t. Even.   Many, many kudos should fall on Project Veritas Action.

It seems that something is missing from this Chicago medical university’s Reproductive Health Week.

Who could have seen this coming?  Human trafficking arrests made in “migrant” caravan traveling through Guatemala.

Best wishes to all on this Friday.  Have a great weekend, y’all!