Gab Comes Back, Usual Suspects Continue Smear Job

Yesterday, Andrew Torba got back online, and I’m very glad.  As I wrote here last week, Honest Answer Radio uses Gab both to promote what we do on this website; but also, since deleting my Twitter account, I needed another microblogging platform through which I can keep a close eye on the diversity of opinion on social media.  Gab’s light touch on the censor helm (To my knowledge, the only people that Gab blocks as a matter of policy are people who post anime content with pedophilic themes and images.) is a major reason why I keep an account there.  It’s a big deal to me.  Freedom of expression is very important, as is FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, one of our First Amendment rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights that isn’t often talked about.

Leftists in the media continue to smear Gab, and Andrew Torba.  By extension, too, I’m being smeared right along with everybody who has been using the free-speech alternative to Twitter.  Check out this little gem, by Timothy B. Lee, and see how many lies you find in the headline.

Firstly, the Pittsburgh shooting didn’t force Gab offline.  GoDaddy did it.  GoDaddy caved in to stupidity, hatred, and leftist peer-pressure and deplatformed Gab.  Own it, GoDaddy.

Secondly, “Gab continues to be popular with antisemites”?  Really?  I’M NOT AN ANTISEMITE AND GAB IS PRETTY FRICKIN’ POPULAR WITH ME AND A BUNCH OF OTHER NON-ANTISEMITES!  What about us, Timothy?

A more balanced assessment of the Gab de-platforming can be found here.

The bias of the leftist media is on full display.  You can find examples of their smears of Gab and Torba all over the place.

I love Free Speech, y’all, obviously.  I also love the right to freely associate with whomever I choose.  I think y’all are thinking the same way I do about this.  We are all a LOT sick and tired of being called nazis, homophobes, transphobes, deplorables, racists, etc.  We see through the leftist media’s attempts to make us believe that we are horrible people just because we won’t allow those whose boots they lick to be in charge of every aspect of our lives and our very thoughts and speech.

For today, let’s focus on getting to the ballot box and expressing the will of the people through our vote; but after the midterms are over, we have a lot of work to do, no matter how the election shakes out.  Dealing with the leftist media, and the corporate censors and gatekeepers is a long-term project.  Seeing Gab temporarily de-platformed should be galvanic in making all patriots resolve to fully engage in the work.


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