Get to the Kids, and Hurry Up

After over a decade of closely watching the Progressive, Post-Modernist Left, have I become too cynical about the motivations of our Collectivist friends and neighbors?  Is it even possible to be too cynical when studying the Left these days?  Let me tell y’all why I’m asking.

I saw this article at Campus Reform, and initially passed on pushing it here, because the Kavanaugh story is so pervasive; I was looking to explore something more cultural than political.  The CR post is about a violent protest at a pro-Kavanaugh campus event.  From Campus Reform:

The Young Conservatives of Texas at UT Austin (YCT) held a pro-Kavanaugh demonstration on Tuesday as counter-protesters aggressively tried to stop the event from occurring, yelling “this is a fuck you to survivors” and claiming that the demonstration threatened “the safety of students on campus.

The Senior Associate Dean of Students, Douglas Carrard, attempted to diffuse (sic) the situation, telling the protesters “you guys can express your views, and they can express their views.” Carrard was met with opposition from the counter-protesters, one of whom stated that the YCT demonstration was “a threat to minorities everywhere.”

Read the whole article, and I’m sure y’all will agree that this post definitely fits the new “Unhinged Academia” tag.

Where do these kids get the idea that an accusation is proof of guilt?  Where do they get the belief that it’s okay to deprive another of a natural right to speak and demonstrate freely?  Those thought-patterns are encountered way before your children and grandchildren ever get to college, folks.  Take a look at this article from The Federalist entitled, “How Terrorist Funders Get US Public Schools to Teach Anti-Jew Propaganda”.  From The Federalist:

For more than six years, parents and citizens in Newton have been complaining that their city’s high school world history curriculum is biased against Israel to the point of being anti-Semitic. Newton Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman promised the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of New England last year that he would remove and replace the bigoted curriculum with vetted scholarly materials, but public records requests revealed that biased, anti-Semitic, and false materials continued to be taught.

Since Fleishman’s broken promise, the biased teaching at Newton schools has gotten worse. In August, The Federalist broke the story of how a Newton history teacher, David Bedar, plotted with fellow teachers over email to harass, bully, and “call out” conservative students in the classroom, admitting to acting as a “liberal propagandist” in the classroom. Further public records requests show that Bedar is also quite literally a trained propagandist for Qatar. He is working on behalf of a foreign petro-theocracy to teach anti-Semitic lies to American children.

There’s more; a lot more, at the link.

I believe that the correct answers to the two questions listed in the first paragraph of this post are “no” to both.  The story of leftist college students behaving badly isn’t going to appear on any of the lamestream media giants.   I’m going to state as fact that the Democrats and their allies in the media are perfectly happy with the situation outlined in both articles cited above, and thus you won’t see the Qatar government, or the Muslim Brotherhood, attacked by CNN. The Communists and Jihadis have been at this game for a long time; Conservatives need to catch up.  To establish cultural norms, it’s important to get to the kids before the Communists and Jihadis do.

Please don’t believe me.  Dig a little deeper, yourselves, if you have doubt.  Please, oh please; don’t take my word for it.  try to prove me wrong.