GOP Lawmaker Caught Cheating Apr08


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GOP Lawmaker Caught Cheating

Vance McAllister in a compromising position.  Photo is a screen-cap of the WT video

Vance McAllister in a compromising position. Photo is a screen-cap of the WT video

Louisiana Representative Vance McAllister was caught on videotape in December in a more-than-friendly kiss with a staffer.  Both McAllister and the staffer are married, according to this post in the Washington Times.

Here at the Honest Answer, you’ve seen plenty of examples of Democrats doing wrong, and we’ve also brought to you plenty of times when the GOP has failed it’s adherents as well, and McAllister’s infidelity is one of the latter.  Infidelity matters, especially when a candidate for office runs on his Conservative Christian values.  Here’s a little of what the WT post has to say:

Mr. McAllister was voted into office in November in a special election for GOP Rep. Rodney Alexander’s seat, on the heels of a campaign that touted his conservative Christian beliefs.

There’s more at the Times on this story, I suggest following the link to read what McAllister has to say for himself.

For The Honest Answer, I have this to say:  I could care less what will be said about the GOP brand in regards to McAllister’s infidelity.  McAllister is just a man, and is subject to the same temptations and failures of every human, and so I have no more faith in him than I do anybody else.  I’m not a Republican, either, so no dog in that fight.  I am a Christian, though, and I’m deeply offended that this man (McAllister) used his faith to gain office, only to then abuse the trust of his constituents.

Can we forgive McAllister?  Oh, sure.  That’s easy.  Can we trust him again?  Well…….that’s another matter entirely.  I do firmly believe in redemption.  So does Marty.  We believe that it is possible for people to redeem their bad actions, but we believe that it takes a long time, years, even, before such a thing is possible, depending on the circumstances.  I wouldn’t trust the man as far as I can spit at the moment, though.  Right now, I’m absolutely certain that Congressman McAllister is sorry……sorry that he got caught.  Whether or not he is truly repentant for his actions; time will tell.