GOP Rep NAILS CNN Anchor…”Who’s Bidding Are You Doing?”

CNN Commies

In an effort to further the Obama Adminstration’s narrative, CNN Anchor Ashleigh Banfield asked GOP Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Marsha Blackburn about a CNN poll that showed 69 percent of Americans (that took their silly little poll) believe Republicans are acting like “spoiled children” in the budget debate.

This led to the usual back-and-forth with the Republican reps reminding the ditsy little anchor that they have sent more than one bill to the Senate only to have it rejected out of hand.

Rohrabacher responded with “You are acting and telling the listeners that we Republicans are holding this up, and the government is going to shut down.”

Banfield fired back, “Don’t you dare put this back on me. You can’t make something up.” (Only CNN is allowed to do that, I guess)

To which Rohrabacher said, “Who’s bidding are you doing?”

Watch and giggle.