Happy Warriors Find Ways to Laugh

The government being deeply involved in the marriage bond is a no-good, very bad thing, and I think we all know that nothing good will come from the Supreme Court involving itself in an issue that should have been resolved by individual States.

Let’s be realistic.  Christians have most emphatically not been defeated just because five unelected judges decided to insert their opinion into the marriage issue.  Our war was won over 2000 years ago, when our Savior conquered the grave, so too much wailing over earthly politics is both unseemly and un-Christian.  With that thought in mind, I encourage y’all to watch the video embedded below.  Scott Ott leads the Trifecta team in a discussion of the consequences of last week’s SCOTUS ruling.  There are many great moments in the short video, but the best comes at the end, when Mr. Ott sums up, and leaves the crew laughing.  Buck up, cupcakes; happy warriors find ways to laugh in the face of adversity, and we want to be a total contrast to the dour professional victims on the other side of the argument, right?