Hawks, Tomahawks, Syria, and YOU

Marty and I have, over the years we’ve been broadcasting, developed a policy of allowing a few days to pass before commenting on major events.  As I said on Friday, I wanted to think about our Tomahawk strike on a Syrian airbase very carefully before offering commentary.  I’ve had a little time, and now I’m ready to offer up some thoughts.  Before I do, though, I’d like to let y’all watch the embedded video from Lauren Southern.  I’ll go ahead and tell you that Lauren didn’t approve of the US missile strike, and I don’t, either…but we have different reasons for our opinions.  First, give Lauren Southern a listen.

Marty and I are already on record for opposing US military intervention in Syria.  We said so on last Thursday’s live show, in fact, before we knew that Tomahawks were in the immediate offing.  Now that President Trump has spoken with up to 60 million US Dollar’s worth of cruise missile, I’m still opposed.  We will, of course, have much more to say on this week’s edition of Honest Answer Radio, but I’m going to offer up a few thoughts today, to give y’all an idea of what’s in the Honest Answer mind.

  1.  The NeoCons and the hawkish Democrats are supporting the President’s Syrian actions.  Interventionism is in the wind, y’all.  I don’t like it one bit.  President Trump campaigned on a non-Interventionist platform, which was applauded by the Honest Answer.
  2.  Europe, by and large, is behind Trump on the Syrian missile strike.  Of course they are, since they didn’t have to spend any of their treasure to do what they KNOW needs to be done.  Both Marty and I are sick and tired of the US spending our blood and treasure on defense while most of Europe spends their money on Socialism and free stuff for migrants.  Why do American taxpayers have to foot the bill in a vain attempt to right the wrongs of the world?  You and I are being played for chumps by certain European countries, y’all.
  3.   I’d rather have seen Rex Tillerson visiting Saudi Arabia and Jordan instead of using Tomahawks.  Tillerson should be applying economic pressure to Middle Eastern nations to take care of business in their own back yard, if they won’t do it on their own hook.
  4. The only good thing that I see that MAY or MAY NOT result from our use of cruise missiles is that certain rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea MAY wake up and see that not only is the US willing to use our technological expertise to blow stuff up, but our technology actually works.  59 out of 60 missiles hit their intended targets last Thursday.  Raytheon makes some pretty good missiles, and our Navy apparently knows how to apply them to a problem.

So that’s all I’ve got right now.  Actually, there’s more, but this is all I’m willing to put in writing without further thought.  Between now and Thursday, I wish y’all would chime in in comment form, and let me know what you are thinking, as well.