Hey Jay! Why You Runnin’ So Fast?

jay carney

This isn’t “breaking news”. It, by now, is old news. However, we haven’t heard the last of this, yet.

This weekend, The New York Times, in a rare moment of actual journalism, broke the story that if you want face-time with President Obama, all you gotta do is donate half a million dollars to Organizing for Action, part of Obama’s campaign machine.

That’s right. For just a half-mil, OFA will grant you a position on a national advisory board and “the privilege of attending quarterly meetings with the president, along with other meetings at the White House”.

So THAT’S how you get the President to listen to you. You pay him a boat load of money.

I know, I know, something about that just doesn’t sound ethical, does it? What you’re failing to remember is that Barry has “the most transparent administration’s in our nation’s history”. All you gotta do is ask about something and they’ll tell you everything. Right? Right?

Unless, of course, you’re asking about Drones or Fast and Furious or Benghazi. Oh, and now, Organizing for Action.

White House reporters took a shot at it, over the weekend and Jay Carney did his best Carl Lewis impersonation. See Jay…See Jay do the running man…See Jay do the running man, right out the door:

Jay…Buddy…Come on, man. If there’s truly nothing to see here, why’re you running away so fast? Could it be ol’ Jay got the same briefing on OFA that Bobby Gibbs got about the drone ops? Hmmmmm…

That’s a real chin-scratcher, ain’t it?

Ya know, this has got to be the most opaque transparency I’ve ever seen.