Hillary, Dems, and the Culture of Death

I have a few things for y’all to look at today, centering on the culture of death which has coalesced around the defense of Planned Parenthood.

I’m sure that by this time, y’all have heard of the “Shoutyourabortion” hashtag campaign on Twitter.  Oh, Lord.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, then follow the link to the HuffPo article, and prepare to be sickened.  Yes, women who have had abortions are being asked to tell their stories in 140 characters or less.  From the HuffPo piece:

Women who have had abortions told their stories, and allies used the hashtag to show support for a woman’s right to choose. Anti-abortion activists have attempted to co-opt the hashtag, showing just how common it is to shame and belittle women who have had abortions. The women who are using the hashtag to speak out in the face of insults, trolls and threats are a powerful reminder of how important these conversations are. 

For the record, y’all, not only have I never attempted to shame or belittle any woman who has had an abortion; I don’t even personally know anyone who has.  I’m just pointing that out because I live in Alabama, a state whose people are largely known for being anti-abortion.  If that sort of thing were as common as the writers at HuffPo claim, you’d think I would have run across an abortion-shamer by now, is all I’m sayin’.

Democrats will go to great lengths to protect the ability of a woman to kill an unborn child, y’all.  There is no lie or obfuscation too mendacious to use to defend America’s chief supplier of abortion-on-demand, Planned Parenthood.  Don’t take my word for it, though, just follow the link and check out this article by Democrat Congressman Joe Kennedy III and Kate Walsh, published in the Boston Globe.  From the Kennedy/Walsh polemic:

In July, an organization that lied about the nature of its work released deceptively edited videos to attack the Planned Parenthood affiliates who supply tissue samples for lifesaving medical research. Three congressional committees and more than 10 states have undertaken extensive investigations to address the allegations that Planned Parenthood illegally sold these tissue samples for profit. Not one of these investigations has produced any evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Independent of anyone else, I believe that this website has already disproved the claim that Center for Medical Progress has “deceptively edited” their videos exposing Planned Parenthood.  CMP has published their raw, unedited video, which I have watched, and published, here on this website, for all the world to see and evaluate.  If anything, the raw, unedited video is even more damning of Planned Parenthood, their affiliates, and Stem Express.  The Kennedy/Walsh claim that none of the investigations into Planned Parenthood have produced evidence….well, ongoing investigations don’t release their findings until they are complete; but then, we are back to understanding that Democrats and Pro-Abortionists have to obfuscate to defend their death-cult, because the truth will destroy their cause.

In the headline for this post, I indicated that Hillary Clinton is a part of the death-cult.  I don’t want to put words in her mouth, so I’m just going to embed a little video clip for y’all, and let Hillary tell y’all exactly where she stands on abortion and Planned Parenthood.  Watch the short clip, and understand a little better about who Hillary Clinton really is.