Holder Passes on Prosecuting Big Banking


Income inequality being one of the latest buzz-words in politics, and, according to King Barry, one of the biggest problems facing our country, you’d think that the Justice Department would jump all over a big bank caught red-handed helping those rich one-percenters hide money from the tax man.  Yeah, right.  Y’all don’t know Eric Holder very well, do you?

According to J. Christian Adams at PJ Media, Holder is giving a pass to Credit Suisse for helping hide American money from the IRS.  From Mr. Adams’ post:

Swiss bank Credit Suisse has perpetrated a criminal enterprise on American soil by intentionally fleecing the federal government of billions of dollars in taxes, yet top political leaders at the U.S. Department of Justice refuse to pursue criminal charges against all of the bank officials engaged in the scheme.

Exactly what kind of charges are we talking about, here?  I’m glad you asked.  Again, from Mr. Adams:

Credit Suisse is based in Zurich. It repeatedly sent officers to the United States and engaged employees in the United States to aggressively market schemes to American citizens to avoid the payment of taxes to the IRS.

These marketing pitches were made in the United States to American citizens. Credit Suisse promised anonymous movement of cash away from the reach of the IRS.

The conduct is criminal, yet the Department of Justice refuses to prosecute all of the bank officials committing the crimes.

Emphasis is Mr. Adams’.

Mr. Adams goes on to compare and contrast the treatment of others under Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  The entire article is a great read, and I encourage everyone to read every word.

This is not an issue of political party.  Credit Suisse doesn’t give a rip if money belongs to Republicans or Democrats, just so long as there is a lot of it.  I should think our Attorney General would get off his sorry butt and bring the banking industry to heel.  Those of us who’ve always had our taxes raked off the top by our employers through Federal Withholding have a difficult time checking our anger against those with the advantage of Swiss banking to keep our money from the greedy paws of government.  Apparently, though, the privileged banking class gets to skate through the process without prosecution for proven criminality.  Pay attention, folks.  You will see this material again.