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Honesty in Infection

Plague in the theatre

Plague in the theatre

Like many, many people across this great land, The Honest Answer has been battling a nasty infectious flu.  Tina, Marty, and I have definitely had it.  It isn’t exactly bubonic plague, but it’s been pretty rough.  Tina and I are finally starting to get over the stuff, but Marty, who was the last of us to start showing symptoms, is in pretty lousy shape.

Our activities on this website may be affected for the next week or so, and I honestly have my doubts about the live show tomorrow night.  My own voice is pretty ragged, and Marty’s is almost non-existent today; so we may or may not be doing our end-of-year show as we’d planned, unfortunately.

We apologize if anyone is inconvenienced by this extended absence.  As soon as we are all physically back to about 60 percent capacity, we’ll resume normal operations.  In the meantime, I’ve got to go see a man about some leeches.