House Begins to Push TPA; Ryan Leads the Way

Charlie Pride sang a wonderful country song, “The Snakes Crawl at Night”; do y’all remember that one?  It was a great song, but not entirely accurate.  Some snakes crawl around during the day, even on the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.  Paul Ryan has been doing some slithering of his own, these days.

Fast-Track Trade Promotion Authority has hit the House, and Paul Ryan and John Boehner have set a deadline for passage of the bill, which I wrote about yesterday.  Check out this post in the Washington Times.  From the WT article:

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the House point man for trade, said Republicans don’t have enough votes now but are winning more support daily simply by countering false fears about the effects of granting Mr. Obama fast-track powers to negotiate trade deals.

Remember when Comprehensive Immigration Reform was the order of the day back in 2013?  I wrote about it here.  Yeah…y’all might find that Paul Ryan’s name has a familiar, slithery sort of ring to it; he was the deal-maker in that fiasco, as well.  Congressman Ryan has a tendency towards pushing legislation that the American people don’t want, is what I’m trying to get across.

More, from the WT:

Conservative opponents, who are far fewer in number but just as vocal as their liberal counterparts, argue that they can’t trust Mr. Obama to negotiate good deals, and they protest giving up the ability to amend whatever agreement the president submits.

Mr. Obama said the fast-track bill Congress is debating is the most progressive in history, requiring him to consider human rights as part of any deal and insisting on tougher labor and environmental standards for would-be trading partners.

Just who, exactly, is Paul Ryan working for?  I think it’s a valid question.  When Obama describes a bill as “the most progressive in history”, and Paul Ryan signs up to give Obama what he wants, one has to ask some serious questions about Ryan’s commitment to Conservative, small-government principles.  I asked y’all yesterday to get on the phone to your Representatives in Congress.  I’m asking again, today.  Burn those phone lines up, y’all.