How Does Israel Feel About Iran Deal?

If you are curious as to how the Israeli government feels about the deal that John Kerry nuanced with Iran, you should check out this article in the Washington Free Beacon.  You should read the article, and not just because the State Department wishes you wouldn’t; if you don’t check it out, you may miss quotes like this from Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon:

Said Yaalon: “In the end, one way or another, the Iranian military nuclear ambitions should be stopped. We can in no way tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons. We prefer for this to be done through a deal or sanctions. But in the end Israel should be able to defend itself.”

Asked whether this position meant that there might be more assassinations of Iranian scientists in the future and more cyber attacks on Iranian computer networks, Yaalon replied “We should be ready to protect ourselves. I’m not responsible for the longevity of Iranian scientists.”

Israel is going to defend itself, and it has every right to do so, in my opinion, as vigorously as the Israelis feel is necessary.KerryBeaconMeme