How to Win the Culture War

We’ve said this before on these pages:  Politics are downstream from culture.  If we Conservatives want to win the political battles that are so dear to us, then we are going to have to start winning battles in the culture.  If you don’t believe me; just take a look at how Hollywood and the mainstream media are driving our American culture to the left, providing cover for Progressive politicians while beating up on anyone with a Conservative message.

Alfonzo Rachel understands what’s at stake, and he and his Christian Rock band, 20lb Sledge, are leading from the front when it comes to taking a Conservative, Christian message into the popular culture.  Y’all already know that we love Zo’s video punditry.  If I haven’t been perfectly clear on this; please know that we also love 20lb Sledge.  Take a look at the video below, and see what Zo has to say about taking the fight into liberal territory.  You can also find lots more at Zo’s website, and the website for 20lb Sledge.