I Hope Y’all Wrote This On Your Hand…

…because Miss Southern is echoing exactly what Marty and I were talking about on last night’s live show.  Although our side of the political argument must abstain from violence to support our rhetoric, it may be time to think about being able to defend ourselves when we are physically attacked.  There is nothing to be accomplished by allowing ourselves to be beaten senseless, literally, just because we hold certain opinions.  Sometimes, as our forefathers knew well, certain freedoms are worth protecting.

I’m not just referring to freedom of speech, here.  Everyone in America should feel free to assemble wherever we like, and to TRAVEL IN SAFETY to our destinations.  If a local municipality or campus security force has no intention of providing that safety, we may have to do it, ourselves.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  I’ll let Miss Southern speak further on the topic.  Watch the short video embedded below.