I Told You So…

Remember this post from back in May when I said Bernie Sanders was a serious candidate?  Well, according to an article at PJ Media, Bernie is drawing bigger crowds than Hillary Clinton; much bigger crowds.  From the PJ Media post:

Sanders nearly filled the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center, which seats 10,231 people; the Associated Press put a 10,000 estimate on the crowd. About 5,500 people were on New York’s Roosevelt Island for Clinton’s carefully orchestrated launch.

Check out the PJ Media link, y’all.  Bernie is promising all kinds of “freebies” and wealth redistribution to the crowds.  Never, ever, underestimate the power of empty campaign promises.

Socialism sounds good, to those who know nothing about basic math and real economics; which basically describes the Democrat base.  That’s a LOT of people, if you were wondering.  All I’m saying is, underestimating a Bernie Sanders campaign would be a mistake.  You have been warned.