I’m Spotting a Presidential Trend…

…And it involves Trump’s statements NOT being lies, as the lamestream media keeps telling us they are.

President Donald Trump, in his famous debate with Jim “The Prettiest Correspondent” Acosta, made very clear that the White House regards the various migrant caravans making their way to our southern border as an invasion.  Recent statements from both officials in Mexican government as well as residents of Tijuana indicate that there are plenty of Mexicans who agree with our President

I’m embedding a video from Tim Pool which speaks to the above.  For those not familiar with Mr. Pool’s YouTube channel, I can recommend subscribing to it.  Pool is left-of-center in his personal politics; a bias which he openly declares.  I have found Tim to be very fair in his criticism of the right, and dead-on accurate with his criticism of the deranged left.