Introducing New Honest Answer Tag

There will be a few new and different things appearing both in the blog and in the new podcast; things which we think y’all will like.  I’m going to start out small in this first post, by introducing a new tag:  Unhinged Academia.

I think y’all have noticed that our beloved centers of higher learning have gone a little crazy.  I know I’m understating the takeover of the all of the Humanities and an uncomfortably large amount of STEM studies by psychotic leftists, so I’ll let this little gem from Campus Reform make a much more accurate statement of what I’m talking about.  Christine Fair, Distinguished Associate Professor at Georgetown University has expressed some harsh feelings toward the white male GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committe.  From the CR post:

“Look at thus [sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” Fair tweeted on Thursday. Referencing a video of “Lindsey Graham’s tirade,” Fair, who is a victim of sexual assault, added, “all of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.” 

“Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes,” she concluded the tweet.

While I am of course not positive of this, I think It’s fair to say that Ms. Fair (See what I did there?  I’ve still got it, y’all) would be surprised to find that, in the United States, whether a person is sitting in a court of law or not, there is a presumption of innocence of crime until proof is provided that says otherwise.

Campus Reform did their homework, and found that Distinguished Associate Professor Fair is also a prolific blogger.  More from the CR article:

In addition to her colorful Twitter timeline, Fair also runs a blog called ShitMenSay. “This is where I post snarcastic missives based upon the shit men (and sometimes woman-hating women) say to me via email, voicemail and comments ‘deposited’ on my various social media like celestial droppings of stupidity,” Fair writes in the blog description.

“This blog is not about “doxxing” foes or people with whom I disagree politically or otherwise. This blog is about ACCOUNTABILITY,” she continues. She has published home addresses, phone numbers, and places of employment of people who contacted her. Fair has also bragged about emailing the spouses and employers of those who contact her. 

Read the whole thing at the link above.

Y’all will probably have noticed that I published the above quotes without trigger warnings, or any attempt to edit or censor the vulgarities used.  Going forward, I’m just going to publish quotes and videos as I find them, mostly without warning of what most people consider NSFW material.  Leftists in the lamestream media and other Communists can’t seem to speak without using filthy language.  I’m going to stay out of the way as much as possible, and let y’all see them in their natural (for Communists) behaviors.

I think our audience is going to like the new “Unhinged Academia” tag.  As part of our effort to promote the traditional cultural values of Western civilizations, exposing the Marxist, Post-Modernist (but I repeat myself) takeover of the American university system is important.