Iran to Investigate Its Own Nuclear Sites: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Hey, y’all…if worked for the Holder Justice Department, right?

The P5+1 Iran nuclear deal just gets better and better.  This new development, where Iran will inspect its own nuclear sites, is part of a side deal between Iran and the IAEA, though, and not part of the deal between John “Nuance” Kerry and the mullahs.  The Washington Times has the story.  From TWT article:

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the condition is part of a secret bilateral agreement between Iran and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency. Inspections of Iran’s closely guarded Parchin nuclear site will be ceded to the Iranians as part of the overarching deal reached by the U.S. and five other world powers in Vienna in July, the AP reported.

The side agreement, worked out between the IAEA and Iran, allows Tehran to employ its own analysts and equipment to search for evidence of activities that it has consistently denied — that it has been trying secretly to develop nuclear weapons.


Apparently, John Kerry and President Obama are okay with this, and trust Iran to be responsible partners in peace.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.  It’s too weird for that.