Israel to come to the US to discuss a final nuke deal with Iran

Much has been written over the weekend about the Chamberlainesque deal made with Iran.  See Drudge and The Washington Times.  As you will have read, Benjamin Netanyahu is, and has every right to be, highly ticked-off with King Barry and John “Nuance” Kerry over a deal which offers all kinds of goodies to a repressive, dangerous Iranian government without requiring anything of substance from Khamenei.

In an attempt to have some input into the “peace” process, Israel has requested to meet with the US State Department to discuss a permanent deal with Iran according to this post at The Times of Israel.  From the TOI article:

The prime minister reacted to the news of the interim deal between world powers and Tehran by calling it a “historic mistake.” In their phone conversation, initiated by Obama, Netanyahu asked the president — who kept Israel in the dark for months about the back-channel US-Iran negotiations that helped shape the deal — to begin US-Israel consultations on the permanent deal right away, and Obama consented, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. Hence the dispatch of Yossi Cohen

If Obama or Kerry have ever listened to Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program, I haven’t seen any evidence.  I sincerely hope that Yossi Cohen, Israel’s National Security Adviser, will be successful in his efforts with the Obama Administration.  Good luck, Mr. Cohen.  Obama hasn’t listened to his own people since he’s been in office, so I have doubts about him listening to our only real ally in the Middle East.