It Could Happen and I Hope it Does: Smokin’ Joe in 2016

I know, I know, I know what y’all are thinking.  “Is Casey out of his mind?  Smokin’ Joe Biden as a viable 2016 Presidential candidate?”  Hear me out, though.

On The Drudge Report today, Matt Drudge is featuring several stories about a potential Biden bid for the 2016 race, since Hillary’s campaign is turning problematic due to certain email problems.  See this story in the Wall Street Journal, for instance.  From the WSJ post:

Still, the vice president’s deliberations illustrate how, with just six months before the first presidential nominating contests, both major parties’ campaigns are in a state of flux. Democrats are increasingly insecure about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, given her dipping approval ratings and continuing questions about her use of a private email server while secretary of state. Republicans, meanwhile, are struggling to find the proper tone in reacting to Donald Trump, whose no-holds-barred campaign style is dominating coverage of the GOP contest and nudging top contenders into uncomfortable sound bites.

If y’all think that the Republican establishment is a little out of touch with their base voters, then stop and think for a second.  If the GOP leadership is so drastically underestimating Trump’s appeal to their base, don’t you think that the Democrat consultants are even more clueless about what appeals to the average GOP voter?  Let that thought sink in for a second, and then I’ll show you how if Hillary drops out of the race, that we’d all be better off with Biden running.

Here’s something that I think all of us Conservative voters could agree on:  If Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination, and beats Jeb Bush out of it, then even Conservatives like me who have serious doubts about Trump will still turn out at the polls on voting day, and vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton, right?  Now consider this:  Do you think we’d be more or less motivated to keep Biden out of the White House?  Are you starting to understand where I’m going with this?

Don’t get me wrong:  Trump ain’t my guy.  He’s going to have to come out with some definite plans, in writing, to win me over.  That being said, I’d vote for him in a hot minute before I’d let Hillary or Smokin’ Joe get the reins of power.  Say what you like about Trump, he’d hire only the best folks to be in his Cabinet.  Marty told me over the weekend that he heard that Trump likes Trey Gowdy for Attorney General, proving that Trump knows how to appoint good people to the tough jobs.  I wouldn’t even be holding my nose in the voting booth, for a change.  Give this one some thought, y’all, is all I’m sayin’.