It could happen here: Basic freedoms under assault in U.K.

Yesterday The Blaze ran this story, describing how the United Kingdom’s free press is under assault from their government.  David Cameron’s government is attempting to form a new regulatory body in reaction to public outcry over the phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid.  The British press is understandably upset, and reaction to the news is splashed across headlines around the world.  See here, and here.

Last week, Marty reported in our live show about a Parliamentary debate on banning knives in Britain.  The ban-furor was sparked, in part, by a report from British doctors calling for a ban on kitchen knives; see this post for some excellent commentary on the whole kitchen-knife brouhaha.  If you missed the live show, I’m including below an audio clip from Parliament that Marty played during The Honest Answer Radio Show.

Parliment Knives

It can happen here, folks, and indeed there are those who are working even now to bring about the same level of government reach into our lives as individuals.   I’ve been writing on here about the efforts of Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein to bring about tight gun control in the U.S.  This is how it started in the U.K.  First, the populace gave up their guns, and then their knives.  The government in Britain has now disarmed it’s populace, and the people are now watching a debate about how much (or little) of their press freedoms will still be intact in the next few weeks.david-cameron

It is true that the average person in the U.K. is a subject, and not a citizen; but I don’t think any one reading this blog believes that a difference in nomenclature is insurance against tyrannical government.  On the live show tonight, you can count on the Honest Answer to discuss how the left in Britain and the States are using emotion to inflame fear in the populace of both countries.  We’ll explain what is happening, why, and how our own resolve as free citizens should be firm and unwavering.