Jeh Johnson and DHS Catch Flak from Inside and Out


Take a couple of minutes to watch Jeff Sessions detail some of the issues that Jeh Johnson at the Department of Homeland Security has failed to solve.  This post continues after the break.

If I didn’t know the oh-so-sterling character of Jeh Johnson, (Oops…too sarcastic?) I’d think he pretty much sucks at leadership of his agency.  Not only is the Senate and every freedom-loving American ticked at DHS, apparently Mr. Johnson has some problems within his own agency.  According to this article in the Washington Post, DHS is in last place as a desirable place to work in government.  From the WP:

The Department of Homeland Security, a perennial bottom-dweller in the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” rankings, marked its third consecutive year of decline and its second straight year of being last among the 19 largest agencies.

Imagine that.

Ted Cruz, in the same Judiciary Committee meeting with Sessions, had some tough questions for Mr. Johnson.  You can find Senator Cruz’s grilling of Johnson in the video below.  If, like me, y’all like to see Jeh Johnson made uncomfortable, the video will be worth your time.