Kerry Says Deal He Brokered With Iran Is Bush’s Fault


According to Breitbart, Secretary of State, John Kerry is laying the blame for his crappy deal with Iran right at the feet of George W. Bush. Kerry told ABC News, “In 2003, Iran made an offer to the Bush administration, that they would, in fact, do major things with respect to their program. They had 164 centrifuges. Nobody took–nothing has happened. Therefore here we are in 2013, they have 19,000 centrifuges, and they’re closer to a weapon.”

“Not so fast”, says Breitbart.

First, Iran slowed its nuclear program temporarily after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. That was the context of Iran’s “offer.” Second, It has almost always responded to the threat of military action, and almost never abided by international agreements. Third, the Bush administration did not just “sit there.” It succeeded in pushing UN Security Council resolutions that banned all nuclear enrichment by Iran. That set the stage for the increased international sanctions on Iran, for which the Obama administration takes credit but which it has tried to slow down ever since taking office. If anyone has just “sat there,” it has been the Obama administration, which watched as France took the lead in pushing for a slightly tougher deal that would do a little more to protect Western interests and American allies.

I wish I could say I was shocked but I’m not. The Obama administration has taken ZERO responsibility for any of their actions that have had negative consequences. From failed economic stimuli to Fast and Furious to Benghazi; Every wrong committed by the Obama camp has been blamed on George W. Bush.

Which leads one to ask: What, exactly, have YOU done, Mr. President? Have you done ANYTHING in the nearly five years you’ve been President? That is to say, have you done anything other than weaken us in the eyes of our enemies, cause massive loss of lives due to your tremendously bad choices or endanger 1/6 of our economy with your crappy healthcare plan?

It’s George Bush’s fault? Give me a break.