Lamestream Media Allergic to Truth of Islamist Riots in Sweden

Last week, while Americans were preparing to enjoy our Memorial Day holiday, Islamic youths were rioting in Sweden; torching cars, pelting police with Molotov cocktails, rocks, and sticks.

The Honest Answer really has no advice to offer Sweden on how to handle it’s issues with Islamic immigrants.  We in America have problems of our own, and, frankly, very little knowledge of Nordic politics; so this post can’t offer any solutions to our Swedish friends.

To the Lamestream media, though, we do have some advice to offer:  How about telling the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth, when reporting on the story.  The New York Times, dubbed America’s “Fishwrap of Record” by Twitchy, wrote a whole story on the Swedish riots without identifying the rioters as Muslims.

“Ah,” you say, “but that’s just the NY Times, and we know they are allergic to portraying violent islamists as misunderstood angels.”  And you’d be right; however, the Times ain’t the only one with a truth allergy.  This post from USA Today does the same thing, referring to the rioters as “immigrants”.  The USA Today post mentions that the immigrants come from Turkey, Iran, and Syria, but fails to note their Islamic roots.  It’s as if Islam has played no part in the riots at all.  The video above, put together by Swedes, tells a different story, though, linking the rioters with Intifada and other militant Islamic groups.  The video also tells the story of the planning behind the riots.

The Times, USA Today, and other lamestream outlets are lying to us by omitting important details, as y’all well know.  I think you may hear more on this topic tonight, when Marty and I go live at 6:30 pm Central.  It’s not even noon, yet, and I can already feel the tension building……