Leftist Duplicity and Manipulation Exposed

First, watch the embedded video.  I have some things to say afterward.

Well, that was interesting, wasn’t it?

There’s a couple of things to note about the above embedded video.  First, Lauren Southern, the reporter with the microphone from Rebel Media, was being confronted by two leftist “reporters” or “journalists” who were protesting Donald Trump’s inaugural at the Deploraball.  Both men, one Catholic, one Muslim attempted to “educate” Miss Southern about Islam, tolerance, and her personal “bigotry”.

Let’s get one thing straight, right here.  Southern gave the correct definition of bigotry.  Those two men were attempting to change the definition.

Another thing to be clear about is that the Muslim dude was lying about how the majority of Muslims feel about Sharia.  Both men demanded that Southern produce a citation, while refusing to provide their own.  You can find one of the Pew surveys that Southern was referring to by following this link.

That Pew study doesn’t show the opinions of Western European muslims. The Islamist reporter arguing (he called it “teaching”) with the Rebel Media reporter tried to bull past the existence of factual data in the confrontation.  Here are some studies that back up the Rebel Media reporter’s statements.




The Islamist in the video was also lying through omission when he was talking about muslims in Iraq and Syria fighting against ISIS.  There is no reason for us in the West to believe that the Muslims to which the man in the video was referring are our friends.  Those Muslims fighting ISIS have multiple reasons for fighting the Caliphate, none of which involve the defense of Western civilization or values.

The Catholic dude was obfuscating the truth about Catholic women and “covering up”.  There is a huge difference between a lace mantilla worn in a church and a burka worn everywhere.  Maybe the Catholic guy was referring to nuns, in which case I would direct your attention to the fact that the majority of Catholic women aren’t nuns.  The numbers ain’t even close, and the Catholic man in the video knows that very well; but then, he’s a leftist, and obfuscation is as natural to him as eating breakfast.

I would make a comment about the woman from The Young Turks….but that would be the lowest of low-hanging fruits.  Go look them up on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean.

Saul Alinsky would be proud of those two young men confronting a Rebel Media journalist.  They used deceit and misdirection well, and they tried hard to hold Lauren Southern to debate standards to which they had no intention of following themselves.

I’m proud of Lauren Southern.  She stood her ground, and gave far better than she got, in my opinion.  What do y’all think?