Leftist Lunacy List; With a Reality Check

It’s Friday Fun Time!  I’ve gathered together a brief list of posts from around the web which demonstrate just how cray-cray our Leftist friends and neighbors are these days.  Enjoy.

On last night’s live show, Marty played some audio from SC Senator Tim Scott wherein Sen. Scott read aloud some of the very racist tweets that he’s received from supposedly unracist Democrats.  Check out the video over at this post from The Washington Times.

Parents having choices in where to send their children to school is a terrible, no-good, really bad thing, according to some Democrats, y’all.  In this post from PJ Media, you’ll see just exactly how unhinged Progressives are over the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.  Somebody needs a time-out, is all I’m sayin’.

Vogue magazine put out a cover showing how diverse their models are, but of course they ain’t diverse enough for the Social Justice Warriors, who took to Twitter to denounce Vogue.  Thank goodness Twitchy was there to record the insanity, as well as the delicious trolling of the SJW’s by the more sane tweeters.

Although trolling the SJW’s is definitely great fun, sometimes the Loony Left steps up and trolls themselves.  Powerline recorded some of the self-trolling on their website.  Really, folks, you can’t make this stuff up, I swear.

Finally, I’m posting the embedded Rebel Media video by David Menzies.  I like the work of Mr. Menzies a lot.  His clear-eyed analysis is always accompanied by a dose of humor, and never fails to enlighten us.  I hope y’all like this one, too.