Let’s Get Some Things Straight

So….FBI Director James Comey says he still hasn’t found anything to prosecute Madam Secretary for.  Fair enough.  Before watching the embedded video of Trey Gowdy’s reaction to the latest letter from Comey, consider the following facts:

Hillary Clinton made the decision to use a private email server for her communications as Secretary of State.

Documents containing compartmentalized secret documents were stored on Madam Secretary’s private server.

The Clinton server had lousy internet security on it, which invited hacking.

The cleaning lady had access to classified documents and the SCIF at Madam Secretary’s house, both of which things would see any other person thrown in jail.

Slick Willie Clinton had a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Lynch’s plane on the tarmac, a meeting at which nobody else was present.

Consider these things, and then watch the video below.