Let’s Make Lemonade!

This is another post of a non-political nature.

Last night, the embedded video appeared in my YouTube feed, as I am a subscriber to the Bill Whittle Channel.  Although the Right Angle guys (Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green, who used to do Trifecta over at PJ Media) usually cover politics from the Conservative/Classical Liberal viewpoint, this video is one that speaks far more to culture than election-year politics.  In essence, it’s about how people around the world end up making lemonade from the lemons that war, riots, and strife dishes out.  Watch the whole video, because you don’t want to miss Scott Ott’s poetic summation at the end.  More after the break.

Politics is downstream from culture, y’all.  In other words, the culture of a nation is the driver for what happens in elections, and not the other way around.  Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green are directly involved in taking the Conservative message into the culture, in an effort to turn our nation around.  I’ve given Bill Whittle my financial support before, when he was making movies at Declaration Entertainment, and was very pleased with the movie that was turned out.  I’ve just given a little money to his website, in order to help keep Right Angle and other cultural efforts coming.  This type of internet content is desperately needed, and I encourage y’all, if you can, to give these fellows some support, too.