Let’s Take A Quick Look Around, Shall We?

A lot happened in the news over the weekend.  I thought it would be a good idea to start off our Monday with a quick look around the web to see what we could find.


Since they obviously have nothing better to do, the US military is going to be forced to measure Arctic ice levels.  From the Washington Times:

The administration contends that changing ice levels in the Arctic could require additional U.S. military presence in the region, justifying the need for the Pentagon to commit significant time and resources to monitoring the effects of climate change.

Karl Rove thinks that the only way to reduce gun violence in the United States is to repeal the Second Amendment.  Sounds legit, right?

Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority can still be stopped in the Senate.  Of course, that means Mitch McConnell would have to realize that he doesn’t need to be a rubber stamp for the President.  I’m not hopeful, y’all.

The United States Marine Corps may be forced to deploy on foreign ships.  Wait, what?  From the Washington Free Beacon:

Among the interesting elements of this morning’s report is the way in which the Marines are making no effort to dress up the effort to use foreign ships as some sort of partnership effort that benefits the United States. Instead, Cooling paints a concerning picture of a Marine Corps desperate to fulfill operational requirements but lacking support from the Navy to do so.

We knew the Navy had a shortage of ships, but is it this bad, really?

Surprise, surprise!  Jonathan Gruber played a bigger role in designing Obamacare than we were originally told.  I’m shocked, I tell you…shocked.

With all of the hysterical calls for more gun control in the wake of the Charleston, SC shooting, it may be instructive to review the actual facts about guns in the United States and around the world.  Take a look at the video below.