“Liberals” and Unearned Moral Superiority

To my friends and the faithful readers of this blog who have been calling yourselves “Conservatives” for years now:  Stop calling yourselves Conservatives.  I am, as of this publishing date, ceasing calling myself a Conservative.  Instead, I am reclaiming my rightful title as a true Liberal, a Classical Liberal in the mode of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

To those of you out there who have historically been referring to yourselves as Liberals:  Stop.  You aren’t a Liberal.  The only thing that is liberal in your philosophy is a desire to smoke as much weed as you like, have abortions without moral consequences, and liberally spend money that doesn’t belong to you.  Being liberal with those things doesn’t make you ideologically Liberal.  It just makes you smug.

Ever notice, my Classically Liberal/Constitutionalist friends, how, when arguing with our Statist (That’s what most people who call themselves “Liberal” really are, after all:  Statists/Progressives) citizens, that the Statists never, ever, accurately get our true beliefs right?  You ever notice that when you try to argue with the fake “Liberals” that they tell you how much YOU hate the poor, the gay, the minority…but they, the fake “Liberals” are morally superior because they only want to help the poor, etc.  Sound familiar?  It’s called Unearned Moral Superiority, and it is the false position that “Liberals” always stand upon, so they can sneer at your unloving, hateful ideology with disdain.  Brothers and Sisters, these fake “Liberals” are standing on empty space.

In perusing Instapundit, I found this post at the Washington Examiner.  The article, by Dan Hannan, using clear language, exposes the fallacious underpinnings of the “Liberal” psyche.  From Mr. Hannan:

They’re not playing to the gallery. They’re not sloganizing. They genuinely believe that we conservatives went into politics because we hate the poor. Their conviction is so solid that facts crash against it as waves against a rock. Again and again, leftists will line up behind policies that hurt the general population in order to reward vested interests: the bailouts and the TARP boondoggle, the alternative energy scams, the trade barriers that favor privileged industries, the regulations that drive up prices. The practical consequences of these policies matter far less to their advocates than the opportunity to signal their good intentions. And if their intentions are good, ours must be bad. Psychologists call it “self-serving bias”.

Follow the link to the Washington Examiner post.  Read all of Mr. Hannan’s words.  Understand, then, that what we’ve all seen in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Ferguson, Missouri, and the entire State of California is the result of years and years and years of “Liberal”/Progressive policy at work.  The next time someone tries to tell you how “Liberal” and morally superior they are, remind them of how “Liberal” public policy has killed thousands and thousands of minority children and adults in our inner cities.  They’ll try to blame Republicans for the problems.  Make the “Liberals” own their work.  Take the word, “Liberal” away from them, and put it where it really belongs;  Liberal belongs to the people who truly believe in small government and the rights and worth of the individual.