Live Show Update Sep14


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Live Show Update

There won’t be a live show tonight.  Sorry, y’all.  After putting in a lot of work in behind-the-covers technology, we haven’t yet reached the point where we can say that our independent broadcast platform is ready to work.  In short, everything won’t be ready before 6pm tonight.  We’ve actually got a few days of work to do.

We don’t want to step backwards and do another YouTube Live show.

We don’t want to step backwards and do another audio-only show, either.

So…..we’ll hold off tonight, and hopefully have things sorted out and ready to rock by next week’s show, by which I mean we will consult a WordPress guru, get our new features running and TESTED, and y’all will see the progress.

To be totally honest, I’m a little relieved that we aren’t going on the air tonight.  Real life has been busy for the last week, and I’m tired.  So is Marty.  Life is good, though.  REALLY good, but even good stuff can wear a good redneck out.  Our creative juices have been flowing, and as a team, Honest Answer has been incredibly busy and there have been some late-night works going on.  We are tired, but happy.

And….there are ACTUAL BANANAS on my banana tree in the yard.  That is not a metaphor.  Hopefully, I’ll take some pics in the next couple of days as proof.