Louie Gohmert Smacks Down Fox Anchor…And It Was Beautiful

deal with it

It’s no secret that Casey and I view FoxNews as being a huge part of what has become known as the “Mainstream Media”. Sorry, but if you have an entire network devoted to news and you’re the ONLY network that gives the news from the conservative perspective, you’re gonna be part of the mainstream.

That being said, it was no big surprise that even at Fox, there would be someone there dishing out the progressive narrative.

Fox’s Arthel Neville refused to let Rep. Gohmert off the hook on Republican fault re: The Gov’t Shutdown. Louie was detailing that the GOP had sent several bills to Harry Reid and Reid refused to negotiate. Neville said, “You’re not saying that either, Congressman? Let’s have some honest talk here.”

And that’s when Louie went for his knife…


God Bless ya, Louie…How bout a Senate run? We could use you there, Pal.