Lying Liars Who Lie About Lying

Every now and again, I publish an article that falls under the theme of exposing Progressive doctrine.  I promised y’all that I would give you ammo, so that you could go forth on social media armed with the tools to debunk all of the Progressive myths.  Today, I’m continuing that work.

Those of us who are Conservative, or Classical Liberals, know that Progressivism is a big con-job, but when confronted by those who are unaware of this basic fact, we can be caught at a loss for words.  One person who never seems to be at a loss for words to describe the lies of Progressivism, and, more importantly, is never seems to lack for the proof, is Bill Whittle.

I post a lot of Mr. Whittle’s videos; this is because Bill Whittle is one of the clearest Conservative speakers that I know of.  The embedded video is an early episode of Afterburner, but it is worth watching all twelve minutes of it because it gives fantastic details about where and why Progressivism is a body of lies and a sham.  Watch the video, learn, and remember.