Marty and Casey Have Been Found… Jul26


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Marty and Casey Have Been Found…

…lying peacefully underneath the largest air conditioner vent they could find.


Okay, that’s only partially true.  Shortly after being employed by Cider Ridge Golf Course (an Honors Golf course) Marty was promoted to Assistant Superintendent.  He’s been a very busy (and sweaty) fella all summer long.  I’ve been mowing at home, and trying to get our house in some semblance of order.  I guess you could say that both of us are on Sabbatical for the summer, and probably part of the fall; after which, we will most likely return to broadcasting and updating this very website.  Essentially, when the peak golf season is over, we’ll be more able to devote some energy to our comedy/political lives.

Tina also has changed jobs, and is the number two person at a family-owned local business, and she is very, very busy at this moment in time.

I didn’t decide to post today just to give y’all an update on our personal lives.

As y’all may have noticed, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are having a bit of a crisis of confidence among investors in, and users of, the popular social media platform.  Well, y’all, the writing has been on the wall for some time; in that Conservatives are feeling quite abused by the Che Guevara-loving socialists who own and operate Facebook.  As you will see from following the link above, lots of people are deserting Facebook.

This post is to serve notice to my friends and listeners that I’m nuking my Facebook account today.  I haven’t been using Facebook for a while, and it’s time to go elsewhere and let Zuckerberg get on with his life without having access to all of my data.  For those of you who wish to keep in touch with me beyond the email addresses listed on this website, you can follow me on the more free-speech-friendly social media accounts below.

Look for Marty and I to return to public life in October, or thereabouts.  We love y’all!