Material You WILL See Again Mar30


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Material You WILL See Again

Y’all may want to write this stuff down on your hand, so you won’t forget it.

The top story today on the Drudge Report comes from British tabloid Express.  From the Express article:

EUROPEAN Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.

In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU. 

The remarks are diplomatic dynamite at a time when relations between Washington and Brussels are already strained over Europe’s meagre contributions to NATO and the US leader’s open preference for dealing with national governments. 

(bold type from Express)

Of course Marty and I will have a lot to say about Mr. Juncker’s remarks on tonight’s live show.  Right now, I only have a remark or two.

Ohio and Texas, eh, Mr. Juncker?  Really?  Ohio aside, obviously you know nothing about Texas or Texans, if you think the State of Texas is going to listen to the EU.  California and New York are probably more worried about European opinions, and if you can talk them into secession….well, I’m pretty sure the middle of the country won’t be too mad at you.

Yeah, y’all will definitely see this material again.