Meanwhile, Whoopi is Confused About What Causes Pregnancy

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.  In the video below, (which I hope you’ll watch, and not merely take my word for what’s said) Whoopi Goldberg makes the statement, “People get pregnant in all kinds of ways” on the way to making her pitch for legalized abortion and an incoherent defense of Planned Parenthood.  I’m pretty sure there’s only ONE way that women get unintentionally pregnant.  Of course, there’s in-vitro fertilization, and the turkey-baster method for those women who really, really want to be pregnant, but those women typically don’t seek an abortion after going through all the trouble to conceive a child.

Rape is what is usually brought up in defense of abortion, in spite of rape accounting for only one percent of abortions in the US. I think Whoopi is probably referring to the fact that sometimes birth-control methods fail, and women who don’t want to be pregnant get pregnant, anyway.  For 99% of the women who have an abortion, then, the cause of pregnancy is consensual sex.

Oh, yeah….Whoopi wants y’all out of her vagina; so y’all take a look around and make sure you ain’t in her lady-parts.  I checked for myself, and I’m very sure that not only am I not currently in Whoopi Goldberg’s nethers; but I have never been there even once.  So for Heaven’s sake, y’all, whoever is in there get out now, so Whoopi will shut up.  I’m just sayin’.

Oh, yeah.  Somebody at Media Research Center had to actually watch The View in order to get the embedded video clip.  Let’s all take a moment to give our respect and love for doing what none of us wants to do.