Media and Dems Have Short Memories

In The Washington Times, Chuck Schumer is calling for the resignation of Jeff Sessions, because…well…from TWT article:

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer threw his weight behind the push Thursday for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign and a special prosecutor appointed to investigate ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian spies.

Mr. Schumer said Mr. Sessions’ credibility as the country’s top law enforcement official had been undermined by revelations that he met with the Russian ambassador during the presidential race and then failed to disclose it when asked during confirmation hearings.

“I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach,” the New York Democrat said of his reaction to the news that broke Wednesday night. “It goes to the very wellspring of our democracy.”

Poor Chuck.  I guess he felt the same sort of knot when Eric Holder was censured by Congress for misleading the American people in the Fast and Furious debacle.  Whatever emotions Schumer may or may not have felt paled in comparison to what occurred to the family of Brian Terry, though.

Maybe Schumer and his Democrat buddies and the media (but I repeat myself) felt some dismay over Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane while Clinton was the subject of an FBI investigation into potential misdeeds of the Clinton Foundation?

You can rest assured that Marty and I will be talking about this stuff tonight.  I’ll just close this post out, now, and go back to packing up a box of tissues and some antacid to send to Chucky Schumer.  From the looks of things, he’s gonna be in rough shape for the next four years.